Digital podge
Microsite and digital experience for Podge event 2018
Digital Podge is an annual industry event where agencies get together to share their stories and connect with each other. 2018 is themed as 'Unconsciously Coupling', which represents people and agencies building relationship and partnership during the event.

We designed the microsite and in-event digital experience for the event.
The project
The microsite is to provide details of the event. Including theme, menu, locations, attendees etc. It's also a great opportunity for FX Digital to create a digital experience for the other agencies which is interactive, engaging and fun. For the hero, we user WebGL to create an animation of forming faces.
For the digital experience in the event, attendees would each receive a QR code. They scan the QR code which brings them to their personal page. The page would show them photos of them from past events over the last 10 years, new photos would be shown after recognising the faces in the photos.

The users can share their page with photos of themselves from the past events and sharing the contacts with each other. It also encourages them to share in social media and add collections to their pages.